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At J.M. Field Marketing, we are a fulfillment center that fulfills all you need from an inventory management provider. We focus on being the best by storing, keeping and ordering your inventory. Our expert team provides the best pick, pack and ship services in the business. We serve our clientele specialty warehousing, order fulfillment and shipping. We use a proprietary web inventory system that keeps track of every order brought in and shipped and reports low inventory levels, returns and everything else. We serve businesses large and small and embrace the challenges that both face. We exceed expectations by offering low cost warehousing and efficient logistics solutions.

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A Fulfillment Center That Understands You

fulfillment services
When you come to us, we partner with you directly to achieve measurable results, meaning we provide the fulfillment center resources to get you selling more of your products at a quicker rate. We know that your company might not have the resources to pick, pack and ship your own products. Or maybe you do but your time would be spent so much better on all of the other facets you deal with on a daily basis. If you let us work for you, we’ll send your orders out to your customers who will receive them as soon as possible because of same day shipping. We will make your customers happy which is your biggest long term goal.

Building You Up

The staples of our order fulfillment services will build your company up by providing your customers great service. We offer over 205,000 square feet of product storage capacity, secured storage in a climate controlled environment, freight optimization and detailed real-time reporting. We also offer domestic and international shipping/freight, address verification systems, electronic ship/delivery notifications, returns management and fulfillment order tracking with All In View. We are the only choice for growing your business through proper product fulfillment. Contact us today! 844.523.1957
fulfillment services